I'lluminess Collections

Enjoy the world's only patented glow in the night diamond and gemstone jewelry. With its alluring ambient glow emanating from the stone's center, I'lluminess creates an evocative unforgettable memory, much like the woman who wears it.

I'lluminess Collections

The Caribbean

Recall the hypnotic colors found only in the Caribbean ocean with each elegant piece from the Caribbean collection. These fine quality gemstones take on an allure all their own when they glow in the dark--- all night long. Amaze your friends with these extraordinary pieces—and build a unique collection with this expressive jewelry.

The Caribbean

The I’lluminess

No other gemstone jewelry in the world radiates from its center like the diamonds found in the exquisite I’lluminess Collection. Superb diamonds are given a seemingly magical touch to glow in the night–all night long. I’lluminess diamonds are as rare and fascinating as the woman who wears it.

The I’lluminess

The Monastery

Each artfully created piece in the Monastery Collection expresses the heartfelt devotion and faith of both the wearer and giver. Let these pieces give voice to your lifelong faith in God in a most elegant presentation.

The Monastery

The Bereavement

Life is precious and we are never far in spirit from our loved ones who have passed on. The Bereavement Collection allows the wearer to honor their loved one and keep them close at heart and in their mind every day of their life. This collection is a meaningful gift that shows someone you love just how much you care.

The Bereavement


Hear what our customers are saying about owning I'lluminess diamonds and gemstones:

"When I first heard about the Night Glow Diamond, I really thought it was an awesome idea. Then when I actually saw one for the first time while vacationing on Captiva Island in Florida, I was stunned at just how beautiful they were. Then when I first laid eyes on the new Glow of the Caribbean Blue Topaz, I WAS HOOKED!!! I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT!!! One day, maybe I'll be blessed enough to also own a Night Glow Diamond as well. Every time I am out in the evening wearing my pendant, people say...HEY! that glows in the dark! I respond, yes indeed it does, and the afterglow can last all night long!"

Dee Hollen | Riedmoson Texas

"My Night Glow diamond is just simply beautiful. The cut of the diamond is amazing. It is so sparkly & glowing all the time; I love the Aqua shade that my ring glows."

Angie & Rod Mullins | Bicknell, Indiana

"Reminds me of the Northern Lights-The sky looks normally dark and suddenly a glow of color! "Aurora Borealis"

Susan Reid | Indiana

"I was a little scared when my husband said I have a gift for you, come into the closet."

Elisabeth L. | Velpin, Indiana

"It does draw a crowd."

Debra Magnum | Tell City, Indiana

"The green glow is the closest thing to my smiling Irish Eyes. Prettier than you ever imagined.”"

Bee F | Jasper, Indiana

"I love my ring. It is a beautiful diamond ring during the day. Then the ring has a wonderful glow at night. I smile every time I look at it."

Dawn Hearst, Customer

"When you're on a farm & you look up at the North Star on a clear night, it is brighter than the others. My wife's Night Glow ring reminds me of the brightest star."

Paul L | Sarasota, Florida

"It's exquisitely unique, a must have jewelry piece in any girl's collection. If you want your ring to be noticed, this is it. Truly an attention grabber."

Terrance Everard, Customer

"My husband bought the Night Glow Diamond necklace for me; I loved it. Then he gave me the earrings to match and then the Night Glow Diamond Ring. Words can't explain how beautiful they are and the way they glow in the dark. They are awesome. I love them"

Maxine J. Lawrence, Customer

"You far, far exceeded our expectations in the commission and purchase of our one-carat Night Glow Diamond.......truly a magnificent piece of jewelry, from the selection from the round solitaire stone to it's incorporation in a detailed, sophisticated one-of-a-kind setting, which we will truly enjoy now and our descendants will enjoy later. GLOW FACTOR is OFF THE CHART, even in just dim lighting. "CLASS ACT" all the way around in your business relationship with us"

Duane J & Carol B Persohn | Jasper, Indiana

"My Night Glow Diamond & Glow of the Caribbean Blue Topaz pendants are very special pieces. I get compliments on them everywhere I go. I wear my pendants all the time. After an afternoon of boating, I walked into a restaurant and my pendant was glowing so brilliantly that everyone in the room was immediately drawn to me, asking me about my Night Glow. What a cool experience."

Stephanie D. | St. John's, Florida

"I love my Night Glow Ring. It is beautiful & it gets a lot of attention. I feel like I am glowing when I wear it."

Sheila A. | Jasper, Indiana

How it works


Behind the gorgeous designer styles of I’lluminess Gems jewelry is the mesmerizing glow emanating from the center of these extraordinary jewels. It is a patented process that allows each stone to absorb light in the daytime while the jewelry is being worn. At night, in complete darkness, these exclusive jewels glow radiantly all-night long.



I’lluminess Gemstones are 15% brighter during the day than other colored gemstone cuts and 100% brighter at night. The I’lluminess woman radiates an inner glow all her own. Now her jewelry can do the same.