How It Works

Image illustrating how illuminess worksThe World’s Only Glow in the Dark Diamond


The principle behind I’lluminess Gems Ocular Cut ™ Diamond centers on the specially engineered diamond acting like a light concentrator—creating the perfect magnifier for light to be captured inside the stone when worn during the daytime.


With no wires, no battery, or LED lights and no coating on the diamond, its uniquely designed mountings with patented – proprietary traits allows the diamond to luminesce with a radiant glow in complete darkness at night after exposure to light. 

Clinical testing on this exclusive diamond has been proven it to glow throughout the entire night; depending on how much light exposure it had during daylight hours. 


Breakthrough Moment
The first major breakthrough came when it was discovered that a diamond could be specially cut to magnify and maintain its scintillation of light. Scintillation describes the visible flashes of light that sparkle vividly as a diamond moves--commonly referred to as brilliance. Acting on that same principal of magnification, the light directed by the diamond’s special faceting is gathered and concentrated inside the diamond. 


At this point a photo-luminescent reflective membrane placed behind the diamond is positioned at the point of light convergence.  Molecules on the reflective membrane behind the diamond become activated (or excited) causing the light to reflect back through the diamond to the eye of the viewer, creating a rich ambient glow.


Caring for Your I’lluminess Jewels

Treat your I’lluminess Diamonds with the same care you give to your other fine diamond and gemstone jewelry.